Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bethany's Crossing - Extreme makeover Cover Edition

It has occurred to me while rambling about on blogger this morning that while I am politely attempting to promote positive patronage (sorry, I'm a bad poet) of my firstborn literary child, Bethany's Crossing - I haven't actually developed my blogger account to the point of anything readworthy. Sigh. I've been wasting my virtual clicks and whistles on, and and even while this page gathers cyberdust. I suppose there are only so many places to which in internet butterfly like me can flit...

But if I'm going to circulate, I may as well toss up something besides that unpalatable dollop of rolled oats and aged grapes sitting like stones in the pit of my stomach. I am after all a real girl with a real dream and Bethany is the center of my known literary universe, for now. Until my second born is - well - born.

The cover above....there's a story there but it will have to wait is actually cover number two sigh....I've had more cover art than sales...but I'll spin it and say, that if anyone has purchased Bethany the BLUE edition...its a collectors item. (falls off chair. Scrapes chins on desk...)
I'll try to come back and keep the page a bit more active. No promises....