Friday, January 2, 2009

Random Blog Generator 101

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Yes, the above photo was edited using whatever generator the budding comic had at his or her disposal. It really is of no consequence to me. I only posted it because it makes me smile. Sometimes the silliest differences in POV spark the greatest divisiveness between individuals...groups...governments...but I'm not in the mood to prostelytize today.

(Tam drops serious convo like it's hot)

So I slept in again this morning until almost dawn and let the spawn snore and drool as long as they desired which automatically gave me time to completely catch up on my marketing for Bethany's Crossing. (Tam pauses for a moment to break into spontaneous gratuitous singing and dancing ala Fame....What a feeling....) Focus, coupled with time is a powerful thing. I have begun to form a legitimate "writer specific" page on blogspot. If you got it, you may as well use it to its fullest capabilities, right? I'm still a tad undecided about multiply. Not sure what I'm doing there these days, maybe I don't have to be "doing" anything...IMAGINE how THAT rubs an anal chick like me. Writers Cafe is another outlier. I'll get to that in a moment.

So after scarfing a few cold pork ribs and a paper bowl of leftover green bean casserole, I've been pondering the complexities of things like why does my refrigerator sound like a deranged cricket on a sleepless summer night, how can the feline sleep with her tongue hanging out and her head twisted at least 240 degrees on her neck, and how come writers cafe ditched their journal option last year - leaving me to feed my blog addictions on multiple sites - yes, focus coupled with time is a powerful thing...

Suffice it to say I've been a bit blocked on the writing front since September of 2008. I can't remember the last poem I wrote or even the last couplet that danced through my dendrites. All the characters in my head are oddly silent and even the urge to purge has disappated like scant dew on sundrenched high desert chamisa. Perhaps it was the toxic blend of politics and anti christian sentiment on multiply. Perhaps it was an odd decline in reader comments at Writers Cafe...perhaps it was hormonal. I really don't know. But only I and my Creator can fix it and that is my intent.

Let's face it. I'm a blogger and blogging is as much a form of writing as anything else one might spill across the flickering screen. This amalgamation of verbs and nouns and random punctuation marks sometimes actually provides fodder for that stuff some of you consider "real writing" By giving up my daily "diversion" I've managed to cap the creative flow.

So...The Tamsters back and that includes ye old Writers' Cafe. I WILL be posting something daily and I'm not concerned whether its AMAZING and PROFOUND. There are plenty of prophets and preachers and politcal pundits out there...I'm just PEOPLE. Real, raw sometimes lacking in couth. Sometimes a bit naive. Sometimes just plain ole school stoopid. But I am. You know, if not for my little "blogging diversion" Bethany's Crossing would not exist. I never would have finished'm picking up my keyboard for my daily dumping. You've been warned.


The Surrendered Scribe said...

Smile at the signs, that debate could last through eternity I think!

Can't wait to see what your daily dumping at the keyboard generates!

Thanks for following my blog, I appreciate it!

Michele at Reader's Respite said...

I think that was one of the funniest things I've ever seen, generated or not. Laughed a big belly laugh there!

PublishMyDamnBook said...

Totally made my evening. Very funny. You can bet I'll be sending out your link.