Saturday, January 3, 2009

What did you do on friday night?

So Dave and I were sitting there watching reruns of something too bland to register in my cortex, and he did what he does...switched over to the local Christian Station...Sigh...but WAIT! As I listened I heard the most amazing guitarist: Benny Prasad. I was totally blown away by this man's music and the instrument he designed, called a "bentar" - basically it is a guitar with two bongos and a 14 string harp added....he plays all over the guitar and it's amazingly beautiful.

This morning I rambled around on his website to find out a little bit more about him and through his YouTube links, I found him paired up with another guitar great: Phil Keaggy....OH MY LORD! is my sampling for you...peace.

Benny studied in Santa Fe, NM (right up the road) and I had the pleasure two years ago of hearing Phil Keaggy in person. Peace.


KAREN said...

I'm afraid I watched the launch night of Celebrity Big Brother over here in the UK on Friday night(blushes.) LaToya Jackson is in it. What is the world coming to ?!

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I love finding new music that I love.

I read your profile. I write adult Christian fiction, but I have a tween that might fit into your target audience. I'm trying to instill my love of books into her. I haven't been quite as successful as I'm hoping and praying I'll be. Maybe one day she'll read a book without my urging her to do it. Right now I feel like she tolerates my enthusiasm.