Saturday, February 7, 2009

Religion, Politics and Hairballs

So the corporate portion of prayer and fasting ended a night early for me as the Bigspawn had to be taxied from AllState choir practice to church and I was still at work - the HOH left the mutated one at home for a "Bleach" (some inane anime japinimation eye candy found on line) fest and I hunkered down on my sofa after the trek home and watched mindless reruns of Friends and Supernatural. I shoulda gone to church. It was awesome....sigh.

All it means is all it ever means and that means that I can now do some of the things I'd been meaning to do if only I had the means, meaning: back to my life in overdrive. While not the prime directive I at least have the recurrent thought that blogging, while purposeless and sometimes incendiary is a distraction I currently crave enough that I feel the pull to post a plethora of posturing and pleasantries on my personal page. And so I shall in three, two, one...

I'll start by saying this once and only once - unless I exercise that right hardwired in the DNA of every female creature on the planet usually reserved to spurn the amorous advances of every male creature on the planet and that is - iffin I was to change my mind - I just put it out like so much wrinkled Christmas wrap and turkey carcasses....I don't like Obama. Don't care how smooth, how educated, and how deserving he may be. Don't care how ready or how over due or how amazing it may be that he will be in less than two weeks our officially elected official - I don't like him. Just like I don't like Wheaties, reality TV and the late John Lennon. I don't like a lot of things, but in true Tamster fashion - I flatly refuse to get my nylons in a knot over it. You see, and here I can only profess my personal position with the understanding that many of you see the human condition as equivalent to meatsacks with lips and that spark of semi intelligence emanating from our orifices is only the transient manifestation of chemical residue - I believe we are more than bologna, turkey and steak on a stick. We are spirit, we have a soul, and we live in a body. (hang on, I'm gittin' to ya.) Our souls, composed of our will, our intellect and our emotions - while often in the drivers' seat when the body is sated, simply weren't designed to rule the meatsack. Our spirit, our divine spark - our groundwire to the Creator - that is the designated driver...but we while in our skins - engage in this continual tug of war for SUPREME control....letting our emotions run the happy mess right off the road. If I - with my capricious emotions and even my limited intellect let my soul lead - putting the emotional girl out front - while the ride might be wild -eventually I'd be single, repeatedly pregnant, drunk, beat up, and possibly even dead by now....many times over. Emotions, while wonderful were never meant to determine our destiny. Intellect and will, while formidable are equally is only the source that can provide uninterrupted power...meat spoils....Spirits don't. That being said. It doesn't matter one rip of intestinal air who a Tam likes or dislikes. Am I a Spirit with a soul, in a body - or a walking chub of bologna?

The fact is, Obama will soon be Mr. President - a title to which I will defer the respect, the honor and the prayer to which it deserves - because I am more than a meatsack. I'll check my emotions at the door. I'll consider my intellect. I'll use my will to speak life, and not death. It won't be easy - but it is completely doable. And thus concludes the religion and politics portion of my ponderings.

Suffice it to say, anyone who has known me more than five moments knows I'd much rather barbeque my kids and bemoan my status as maligned, bean countin', hebrew slave than wander off into the deep end of the politics/religion pool....unfortunately, that's where all the cool kids are lately - so I feel compelled, follower that I am, to flail around miserably until I swallow enough ool (hoping there's no p in the ool) to leave me spitting and coughing and dragging my weary self back over to the mushroom waterfall, and the happy orange tortoise family. Admittedly, my recurrent issues of life as I know it aren't going to change the world - but I write what I know and what I know lately is - I seem to be sprouting more fuzz on my face than on suppose some things even I shouldn't approach in a blog, now should I? I guess I'm just grateful that my hubby likes both peaches....and nectarines. And thus concludes the TMI portion of my blog. Speaking strictly - one meatsack to another - aging is a cruel master with a sick sense of humor. I'll's only my pride.

Peace. I hope to start back on Ephesus Offense...and for those of you who might be curious, I finally recieved notification that my book order has been shipped. (I guess authors don't get equal treatment as customers who pay full price...aint that a trip)

I'll be back tomorrow...and I won't talk politics...I promise. Hairballs tho....they may come pun intended

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