Sunday, October 18, 2009


Yes MA'AM! Tam's been standin' knee deep in the guano again. It all started yesterday morning. An innocent lapse of reason, a slip into domesticity, an innocuous moment of trimming a half dead plant...and it happened. Several hours later, a hot meal had been prepared, several loads of laundry were washed and folded, the curtains were clean and rehung, generations of dustbunnies were maimed and Arachnids Local 457 were picketing for better web spinning conditions...entire regiments of their leggy friends sucked up whole by my vacuum cleaner. I even wiped down the plant leaves....

This morning, still suffering from residual lunacy (I must have ingested a snoutful of clorox/windex/ajax/pledge...yeah...) I mounted an attack on several paper blobs residing in the vicinity of my computer...(who keeps Christmas cards from 2002?) only a gastric mutiny thwarted my pending advance on the hubs last bastion of living room chaos. ( a pox on red chile, potatoes and eggs on the same plate. I need ice cream now....any flavor will do. I'm going to sit in it.) His desk - or "extreme Jenga - stack the CD's and paid bills edition"

I remember when my dear hub worked every saturday and I would get up and clean my home in a couple of hours before putting on 80's LP's and succumbing on the couch to a hops and barley induced semi napping state. Life was good back then. Yesterday, it was a vendetta. I WILL HAVE ORDER IN MY LIFE! And that means no slugs under my computer, no spiders chilling on my printer, and no mounds of male debris scattered about my batcave.

The only problem now is: I have no excuse. I can actually sit down at my PC, put my funky feet on the floor underneath, and write. This may be a problem. I've been hiding behind my dad's day job (which by the way, my copeep emailed me five times and called me once with 'emergencies' - so much for a day off. Good thing I don't go for the hops and barley induced napping anymore.) and the shipwreck my home has become. Of course, there are still small areas to reclaim...the mantle...the bathroom floor...but I have leverage. The men are bringing home an XBox. And we have a signed agreement with housecleaning clauses...(git the mop son, there's a spot there by the potty...)

And so. I spent a few hours catching up at WC...posting a few things. NaNoWriMo is in a couple of weeks....I should just go for it. I think I will. (pass me that battery cable. We're gonna zap this muse till she sizzles, boys!)


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