Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I am the QUEEN of herpderpdom (03/14/11)

So friday I get up late, rush around my house like a cudless heifer and land in the passenger seat of the car, bleary eyed and wet haired. I look down and realize: "Oh my GOD...my pants are on inside out".....sigh

And that was the highlight of last week. There was the massive hormone induced headache on Saturday...and cramps...now let me explain something to you. The TAM does not DO cramps. (its about to get girly up in here...you mens may want to avert your eyes) Since I was 12 - I've been spoiled. No cramps. (less'n I eat a whole bag o beans and three fried eggs er su-um) So what on God's green earth am I doing now having girlie type cramps? A POX ON PREMENOPAUSE! Pause my ever lovin' backside. There is no "pause" unless your life becoming a train wreck is considered a pause. they should call it sanitypause. How about cessation of all joy. Stamp my forehead with FUBAR and put me in a rubber room. Oh and the palpitations had a lovely weekend - and I had a wonderful side of anxiety drizzled with a nice hot flash to wrap the weekend. I LOVE it.

While I was curled up Sunday evening under my favorite blankie, the hub said something to the effect of "maybe you're allergic to that blanket" I did what any loving spouse would do: I questioned his parentage, his species and his ability to procreate. Seemed fair. Only thing the ticking clock is doing to him is giving him a nice bit of silver hair, whilst I've been put in the spin cycle.

As for reality beyond my four walls, I've been watching the ache unfold in Japan, along with the rest of the planet. I'm not going off on any end of the world discussions nor do I believe that every tragedy has a God stamp on it. (God does not use Satan to test us. If he did, that would negate His Godness. The TRUTH using the KING OF LIES to test us....sigh. Not going there) I do understand a bit about plate techtonics and the fact that our "hard" earth is actually not so hard. And it wasn't so much the shaking of the earth that became the issue - but the tsunamis caused by the earthquake. My biggest prayer is that the Japanese are able to get the nuclear reactors under control. Infrastructure is a powerful thing - until its damaged and then we humans have trouble. It just makes my heart ache to see any devestation...anywhere....because I am a human too...nuff said.

And so - I've got my little Hints on ancestry down another couple hundred. Ah progress. I almost wrote a poem this weekend....almost. Perhaps it will continue to percolate...


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