Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weird Stuff My Brain Thinks About

Yes, I'm back. Yes - I should post something brilliant...but if you know me, you know this is just a warm up blog. The brilliance must be exhumed at some later point to be determined by those who currently slumber in my cortex...

Why did I have a dream about a blue dog the other night? And why did I consider a blue dog completely normal?

Why did I dream I was discussing the absurdity of multiple bladed razors with my spawn. "Introducing the Schick 50 BLADE razor! You'll never need to shave again. Recommended by plastic surgeons everywhere...." And why DO I shave my armpits? Not like anyone ever gets near enough to say - Ooh, Tam - you're gettin' a bit earthy, Sis. Time for a shearin'.

Why is my son flunking German this quarter when he had a B last quarter? Why is he thinking he's allergic to chlorine? Why did I get gypped out of swimming in PE when I was in HS........which takes the brain off on a OH GOOD LORD IF YOU HAD TO HAUL OUT THE SWIMSUIT NOW - fest. There isn't enough spandex on the PLANET! Sigh.

And why when I tell a copeep about the benefits of magnesium minimizing palpitations - no sooner do I say 'I've not had any in weeks" I get them three days running. I want to reach in my chest, grab my errant ticker and say "ARE YOU SERIOUS?"

And finally, why when I secretly commit to getting back on the eating right lifestyle kick, the hub brings home a twelver of Killians.

Sometimes I wonder about all the little voices in my head clamoring for brainbandwidth. Most of them are just....stupid.

Suffice it to say, I'm tired today. Its wednesday and after two days of office stuff, my big girl drawa's are ridin a bit tight. I want to toss them over the clothesline and run through the sprinkler. I want to giggle. I want to sing out loud with the radio...and play air instruments. (now there's a mental picture)

Instead, I'll eat my apple, drink my big honkin' glass of water and attempt to churn out massive paper today. Just what the world needs. Another balanced ledger. Another manifesto on protocols and procedures. Yeah....

Somewhere....there's a beach with pristine sand and gentle surf...floral air and blue skies...(don't tell me to download webshots....seriously?)