Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday

1. I stepped on the scale this morning. Any nummy who sez “Stress fat is a scam” – I bequeath you the additional tonage reflected by my scale. 2. For all those who would patronize me – offering platitudes and pollyanna mantras – I’m 47. My finances are on lock down for at least three years and I’ve already dealt with the drama that is my life situation since 2006 – doing everything possible to make a change. Doesn’t matter if the flames are green or blue – hell is hell and I’m in it for the duration. I have to weather it but I absolutely don’t have to like it. And at 47 – I’m done faking it. I either need a chunk o’change dumped on my doorstep or I need several suits in corner offices forget my name and address before August 17th. Otherwise – is it getting hot in here? 3. Some ingrate with a diminished frontal lobe couldn’t figure out how to appropriately leash his idiot canine – and on Saturday my husband who was ON THE SIDEWALK got bum rushed and nommed by a mutt with big teeth and a bad disposition. The dog put puncture marks in my hub’s hand and left six teeth gashes in my hubs calf. The owner responded to my bleeding husband with “Oh he likes you.” SERIOUSLY? My hub missed two days of work because he couldn’t hold a knife in the bitten hand. If’ I had been there – there would have been a serious altercation. I love dogs. I have always owned dogs. I do not let them draw blood on other people. 4. The field work for the great audit of 2012 is done but we won’t have numbers for a couple weeks yet. Meanwhile I’m scrounging through the entrails of the last audit looking for salvagable leavin’s, some things just refuse to die 5. Bigspawn will be twenty one in less than two months. Big spawn eats like a locust and has no source of income. Bigspawn needs a job. Considering selling Bigspawn by the pound. Any takers? 6. I got a wild stone in my gizzard and power reviewed something like 250 read requests at my old haunt – Writers Cafe. I finally started deleting some requests. I just can’t read the same vampornems (vampire/porn/poetry) or gloomy angst ridden introspection – or shlock poppy lyric ish ad nauseum. I love you – but send me something worth reading – oh and BT DUB – I like reviews too. Sigh. I should be nicer. I still have the crap I wrote when I was twenty. It sucked. Takes practice. 7. Why did I watch the Road again last night? Its such a SAD movie. As if I need my guts ripped out and stomped on. 8. The cat is not my friend. The cat does not know boundaries. The cat had her entire face in my water glass night. I know where her tongue goes. I don’t want it in my water glass. 9. I rejoined choir last month. They were getting desperate if they had to ask me. But I was singing last Sunday – in the choir – next to the guitarist and something happened. Just for a moment I felt like I was where I truly belonged. Its weird. There are three girls in my past that I deeply admire and I sang with each one and I always saw them as better – and figured that they would continue in music successfully. And here I am – on a stage under lights singing. It is for worship – not entertainment – but in an odd way – it fits. And I never expected it to fit. I love to sing even more than I love to write. I’ll never be a microphoned singer again – but I am in the choir. I miss my girls though. Terry, Evonne and Laurie. I miss singing with them and writing stupid songs. 10. The “future daughter in law in training” (I want grandkids. No pressure, right?) has gone vegan. Good thing she’s cute, sweet and good to my son. Seriously. I don’t know if I could give up munching on things that have eyes. I’ve cut down on my meat intake but to cut it completely? Naw dawg. I did make some lentil soup and quinoa – just so she doesn’t go hungry when she comes over…Could you do it? Go vegan? Just curious. Peace.

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