Sunday, February 9, 2014

Songs Unsung - For Colleen Cawthon

Songs Unsung

So we live in these two worlds  
This aching dark this perfect light
A standard of love unfurled
No more struggle you’ve won the fight
Tread the threshold of forever
Your joy has just begun
There is grace to surrender
There is one more song unsung

Where is God in the chaos
When torment takes us down by degrees
A little more broken every moment
Down in the dirt and the fight on bloodied knees
God is there in the heat of the battle
Telling you you’ve already won
He is your words when you cannot speak
And your music for songs unsung

And I will dance in the depth of sorrow
And I will sing In the midst of pain
And I will live today and hope for tomorrow
When I will see you whole and rejoicing again
Tears are temporary in this place  
Your celebration has begun
Standing with Him face to face
Singing sweet songs unsung

TL Boehm


My heart simply can’t process multiple emotions, and my words can’t articulate. I know life without God. Without worship. I have written about darkness, about despair - about selfish things that will simply burn in the end. I was one of those people who watched Christians perpetually fail that love litmus test. But eight years ago when I and my family worshiped for the first time at Believers Center - truly worshiped with tears of joy spilling unhindered - all that was lifted. Colleen, Jaris and the Cawthon family have been so important to us. I've watched my family grow to be strong men of God. Worshipers and prayers who use their talents, time and energy to help others. Right now in this moment my heart aches in knowing so many are grieving and missing her. But it is also galvanized knowing that she fought a monster. And WON. And that means the rest of us, we win too. 

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